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This unique documentary advocates how YOU as an individual person can make changes to your inner climate, or consciousness, in a way that will help heal the world (the outer climate).

“Look within. All starts with the individual. As you change your consciousness to love, peace, harmony and unity, the consciousness of the whole world will change.” – Eileen Caddy.

“How can I open my heart wide enough and be courageous enough to be the hands and the ears and the eyes and the voice of the earth and of life?” Adam McKenty

Subjects in this documentary include:

  • Environmental destruction
  • The environmental impact of dams
  • The global refugee crisis
  • Plastic pollution in the ocean
  • How to get out of the fossil fuel age and the “climate trap”
  • Greed
  • Protecting eco-systems

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From the film’s YouTube Description:

“This is the documentary INNER CLIMATE CHANGE, a Findhorn Foundation production inspired by the people who participated in the April ‘19 Climate Change and Consciousness conference held at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland.

The one-hour film weaves a touching and often intimate narrative from their personal insights and resolutions in the face of inner and outer climate change. Among those featured in the film are Vandana Shiva, Charles Eisenstein, Jonathon Porritt, Xhiutecatl Martinez and Polly Higgins (RIP).

Many more youngers and elders from around the world add their voices to the call for us to stand up as the creators of our reality.

Director/editor: Lorenz Gramann Also by Lorenz: A New Story for Humanity (”

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