“Put down the guns and pick up some drums!”

Who are those guys playing drums marching down the blocks of Philadelphia?

This short independent documentary on YouTube follows Tony “Tone” Royster, the man on a mission to spread positivity through Philadelphia with his drumline aka Positive Movement Entertainment aka the Philly Elmo drum line.

Just one more reason why Philadelphia is an amazing city!

Learn more about Positive Movement on their website here.

Check out their Instagram here.


Directed and Edited by Tim Harris
Featuring: Tony “Tone” Royster (AKA Mr. Y Not) & the members of Positive Movement Entertainment
Cinematography by Austin Smock
Original Music: Eric Carbonara at Nada Sound Studio & Positive Movement Entertainment
Assistant Camera: Darby Irrgang
Location Sound: Eric Carbonara
Production Assistants: Jason Lozado & Louis Togna
Colorist: Ryan Berger
Audio Post Production: Eric Carbonara at Nada Sound Studio
Gear: Expressway Cinema Rentals and Resolution Rentals
Thank You: Tony Royster Carly Harris, Paul Harris, Easton Angle, Emily Diego, Eva Gunz, Scott McClennen, Ian Mosley-Duffy

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