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“I’m not part of history. I’m more a part of the mystery, which is my story.”

Sun Ra is a jazz musician and composer on another level. He operates not just on the physical level, but on the metaphysical, spiritual, and astral level. You can hear his inspirations when he talks about the ancient world, nature, and outer space.

“Knowledge is laughable when attributed to a human being.”

“I have many names. Names of mystery. Names of splendor. Names of shame. I have many names. Some call me Mr Ra. Others call me mystery. You can call me Mr. Mystery.”

“In my music I speak of unknown things. Impossible things. Ancient things. Potential things. No two songs tell the same story.”

“I’m sitting in front of the white house. Looking across the street but I don’t see the black house. That’s where it ought to be because you can’t have a white house if you don’t have a black house. In fact you can’t have anything unless you have a comparison… You can’t have anything without its parallel and its opposite.

This is something that the people of earth are unaware of. You can’t have a justice department that goes out looking for criminals and never goes out looking for people who are doing good. You can’t have Justice if you penalize people for doing wrong and don’t do anything to help them when they’re trying to do right.”

Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise (1980) Documentary, Music | 60min | 27 February 2006 (Japan) 7.3
Director: Robert MuggeStars: Sun RaSummary: Robert Mugge filmed jazz great Sun Ra on location in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. between 1978 and 1980. The resulting 60-minute film includes multiple public and private performances, poetry readings, a band rehearsal, interviews, and extensive improvisations. Transferred to HD from the original 16mm film and lovingly restored for the best possible viewing experience.


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